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The First Supper
(Five singles/courses in a pizza box)

The First Supper: Edition 1(Appetiser)
'meet ... The Sonic Catering Band'
tracks: 1) Prelude to an Empty Stomach 2) March of the Incisors
10" vinyl in an edition of 500, (250 blue vinyl, 250 plain)
recipe: Savoury Mushroom Canapes
released: August 1999 (Peripheral Conserve pH-01)

The First Supper: Edition 2 (Soup)
'The Sonic Catering Band ... report from an Alimentary Zone'
tracks: 1) Peristaltic 2) Nootka-tone Ensemble
10" vinyl in an edition of 500, (250 red vinyl, 250 plain)
recipe: Borsch Soup
released: October 1999 (Peripheral Conserve pH-02)

The First Supper: Edition 3 (Main Course)
'The Sonic Catering Band ... pay tribute to the Heimlich Manoeuvre'
tracks: 1) Dada Cuisine 2) Metabolica
10" vinyl in an edition of 500, (250 orange vinyl, 250 plain)
recipe: Tofu Royale
released: January 2001 (Peripheral Conserve pH-03)

The First Supper: Edition 4 (Side Dish)
'The Sonic Catering Band ... open the Electronic Lunchbox'
10" vinyl in an edition of 500, (250 green vinyl, 250 plain)
tracks: 1) Fast 'n' Pectic 2) Bile Duct
recipe: Kohlrabi
released: February 2001 (Peripheral Conserve pH-04)

The First Supper: Edition 5 (Dessert)
'The Sonic Catering Band ... hit Denny's'
10" vinyl in an edition of 500, (250 white vinyl, 250 plain)
tracks: 1) A Sedimental Journey 2) (I Hear a) Cookie Monster
recipe: Lebkuchen Cookies
released: March 2001 (Peripheral Conserve pH-05)

The Sonic Catering Band - Cold Turkey;
Michael Prime - Saturnalia
Double A-Side 7" Xmas single in an edition of 250, (white vinyl)
recipe: Xmas Pudding
released: December 1999 (Rund Um Den Watzmann 011)

The Sonic Catering Band - Bodypop;
Saloon - Impact
Double A-Side 7" split single in an edition of 500
recipe: Popcorn
released: May 2001 (Glamour Puss CAT 001)

One-sided 7" clear-vinyl single in an edition of only 57, available exclusively from the Forde Gallery, Geneva. Each edition of the single has unique artwork on the disc label ranging from paintings to mini-sculptures (click left to view).
recipe: Lumb's Ice Cream
released: November 2001 (Peripheral Conserve pH-07)
Forde Gallery SOLD OUT

Kitchen Utensil Ploy
Interculinary Dimension

2 track 3" CD single in an edition of 1000 (free with Things Magazine)
recipe: Unspecified Balkan Salad + Soup
released: December 2001 (Things/Peripheral Conserve tH-2001)

The Sonic Catering Band - Disco Brunch
They Came from the Stars; I Saw Them - The Holy Mountain
Double A-Side 12" split-single in an edition of 500 (plain vinyl)
recipe: Vegetable Crępe
released: May 2002 (Peripheral Conserve pH-08)

The Sonic Catering Band/The Bohman Brothers - ImperialMetric EP
1. ImperialMetric - The Sonic Catering Band/The Bohman Brothers
2. Refrigeration - The Sonic Catering Band
3. Cuisinaire - The Bohman Brothers
released: November 2007 (Absurd 57/Gold Soundz 50)

The Sonic Catering Band – Live in Linz
Hand crafted Mini-CD in an edition of 50 with real popcorn kernels!
recipe: Popcorn
released: January 2008 (smallPRINT Records SPRCD02)



1093 Budapest IX., Lónyay u. 7., Magyarország
(22.09.2002 19.45-20.52)

1-track CDR album with cake in an edition of 10
recipe: Hungarian Jam Cake
released: September 2002 (Peripheral Conserve pH-09)

Live from the Canteens of Atlantis
Double CD Live album in an edition of 477
released: June 2003 (Absurd #30)

Seven Transdanubian Recipes
1. Covert Feeding
2. Table Manners
3. Lactic Sugar Dream
4. Greed
5. The Alimentary Canal by Night
6. The Lamb is the Light Thereof
7. The Oven is the Night Thereof
CD album in an edition of 500. Clear jewel case with 14 page booklet.
released: November 2003 (Peripheral Conserve pH-13)

The Bohman Brothers - Back on the Streets
CD album in an edition of 250

1. Thairish Variations
2. Carpathian Barbeque
3. Crepes and Racketbroads
4. Rapscallion Beetroot
5. Salmon Soup 1
6. Flannel
7. Salmon Soup 2
8. Criminal Curvature
9. Ibiza/RBOM 1
10. OTB/Residue/Target/FFM
11. Bathroom Shuffle
12. Cats Protection/Wine Merchants
13. Temptations of Africa
14. Ibiza/RBOM 2
15. Injury Lawyers
16. Urban Field Menu
17. Ibiza/RBOM 3
18. Brass and Glass Interlude

released: July 2012 (Peripheral Conserve pH-15)

The Sonic Catering Band - FOOD SCIENCE
joined by Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Liles,
Colin Potter and Pal Toth


CD mini-album in an edition of 250. Clear jewel case with 4-page booklet.
released: July 2012 (Peripheral Conserve pH-16)


Artificial Additives
Sonic Catering remix digipack CD album in an edition of 1000
The Sonic Catering Band - Supplementary Phase
Nish - Foie Gras
They came from the Stars; I Saw Them - Cosmic Seafood Fusion
Gregory Kurcewicz & Daniel Hayhurst - Composition No 1
Clear Spot - Flavour X
en-eye - Audio Noodles (Bombay Mix)
Nurse with Wound - Hindu Monastery Breakfast
Clare Connors - Grace.
recipe: leftovers from The First Supper series
released: July 2001 (Peripheral Conserve pH-06)
re-released: April 2002 (Peripheral Conserve pH-06)

Various Artists - I've Never Thought You Would Had Done It...
(a wedding compilation)
CDR album in an edition of 100
Tu m' - Soundtrack For A Day
The Sonic Catering Band - Sugar Nocturne (recipe: Wedding Cake
Ferran Fages - Portabel feedback systema
Archery Target - Rehearsing a wedding
Archery Target - Reveling a wedding
Mark Wastell - Who's Who
Howard Stelzer/Jason Talbot - Wedding March - August 2002
Alfredo Costa Monteiro - Transitivity (micro music #9)
Logoplasm - El fuego de los dias
John Hudak - The wedding gift
Brent Gutzeit - Beach/Forest
Wheaton Research - Daydream
Jason Kahn - Amsterdam/Zurich
released: September 2002 (Rossbin)

Various Artists - Overdub Atmo C
Electrelane - I Want To Be The President (Bang Bang remix)
4 treck - Stick Vs. Tric
Carlo Fashion - Octet For Microwave
Telstar Ponies - Amazing Grace
Richard Youngs - Oceanic Days
David Grubbs - Show Me Who To Love
Patrick Phelan - Give
Rafael Toral - E.B. ring
Spy F & The Zakulas - Fightin' (instrumental)
Chessie - Daylight
Wilt - Of Z Bygone Time
Drekka feat. Anaphylaxis - The First Hundred Seconds
The Sonic Catering Band - White Light from an Oven Above
(compilation CD free with issue 13 of Overdub in an edition of 2000)
released: April 2003 (Overdub)


The Bohman Brothers - Purely Practical/Western Omelettes
7" single in an edition of 150
released: September 2002 (Peripheral Conserve pH-10)

Clare Connors - rehearsal tapes 1999/2000
1) July 1st 1999, London N7
2) April 27th 2000, London N4
10" single in an edition of 150
released January 2003 (Peripheral Conserve pH-11)

D.R. Ragge and W.J. Reynolds - Entomological Acoustics (European Gryllotalpidae)
1) Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa
2) Gryllotalpa vineae
7" heavy vinyl single in an edition of 300
released March 2003 (Peripheral Conserve pH-12)

Continental Drift (Eastern & Middle European Movements in 2003)
CD compilation album in an edition of 400

1. Vox Turturis - Osculetur me
2. Lengow & Heyermears - "Knee-puff" Mix
3. Iftaf (Institut für Transakustische Forschung) - Coffee
4. The Rudas Baths (Budapest, Hungary April 2002)
5. Zsolt Sorés - Ossification (Tilos Radio edit)
6. József R. Juhász - Welding-song 2003
7. Zsolt Kovács - Where are all the Dead Snails Going to? (Halott Csiga Blues Part 5)
8. György Galántai - Metal Music (excerpt)
9. Keleti Station (Budapest, Hungary April 2002)
10. S.K.? - Angersonixmix (6 minutes and 66 seconds from Angersonix)
11. The Bohman Brothers - Bohmans' Fifth Hungarian Rhapsody
12. Rana ridibunda (Eger, Hungary March 2002)
13. Abstract Monarchy Trio - Himmel über Budapest (live …)
14. Alergische Platze - excerpt from 3000 seconds
15. Kopott - Levelek N.-Hez
16. The Lazy Anarchists - Relaxation with The Lazy Anarchists
17. R.R. Habarc - Felho
18. Choir practice (Gyor, Hungary September 2002)
19. én - op. 30524 (foníx. 1)
20. Kata Peto - Elment az én rózsám
21. Dragibus - Kanaria song
released: January 2004 (Peripheral Conserve pH-14)


1996 Dada Cuisine (C. Fletcher, J. Fletcher, P. Strickland)
1997 Prelude to an Empty Stomach (C. Fletcher, P. Strickland)
1997 March of the Incisors (C. Fletcher, P. Strickland)
1997 Peristaltic (C. Fletcher, C. Potter, P. Strickland)
1997 Metabolica (C. Fletcher, C. Potter, P. Strickland)
1997 Bile Duct (C. Fletcher, P. Strickland)
1997 A Sedimental Journey (C. Fletcher, C. Potter, P. Strickland)
1997 (I Hear A) Cookie Monster (C. Fletcher, C. Potter)
1998 Cold Turkey (T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
1999 Fast n' Pectic (T. Kirby)
1999 Nootka-tone Ensemble (C. Fletcher, T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
2000 Bodypop (C. Fletcher, T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
2001 Supplementary Phase (T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
2001 Frostbite (T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
2001 Kitchen Utensil Ploy (T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
2001 Interculinary Dimension (T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
2001 Disco Brunch (D. Hayhurst, T. Kirby, P. Strickland)
2002 Sugar Nocturne (D. Hayhurst, P. Strickland)
2002 1093 Budapest IX., Lónyay u. 7., Magyarország (22.09.2002 19.45-20.52) (P. Strickland)
2002 White Light from an Oven Above (D. Hayhurst, P. Strickland)

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