Kitchen Utensil Ploy, taken from the new album A Gourmet's Slumber:

Click to stream.


June 29th 2015

The Sonic Catering Band will be performing on July 5th at the Manchester International Festival, Old Granada Studios, Quay Street Manchester M3 4PR. Core members Tim Kirby, Peter Strickland and Colin Fletcher will be joined by tape-splicer-musical-maverick Dan Hayhurst.

"Interdependence is a unique two-day event of discussion, debate and inspiring thinking, a chance to join some of the world’s leading artists, performers, scientists, writers and technologists in Manchester."

Photo: Nicholas Winter
For more information on the event click here.


May 16th 2015

The Sonic Catering Band will be performing in Basel. Switzerland, at the following venue on Thursday May 28th 2015:

Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel
House of Electronic Arts Basel
Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein/Basel, CH
t +41 (0)61 3315840

We have the pleasure in being joined by sonic alchemist Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture/Electric Sound of Joy). Starts at 10pm.

For more information click here.


March 6th 2014

The Sonic Catering Band will play Oxford, UK on March 12th

The Sonic Catering Band will play Oxford, UK on March 12th

“The Sonic Catering Band are pleased to announce they will be performing at the Audiograft 2014 Festival in Oxford on March 12th at the Ovado Gallery. The evening starts at 6pm and also features performances from GORDON MONAHAN and MARIANTHI PAPALEXANDRI.”

12 March 2014 OVADA, 14A Osney Lane, OX1 1NJ, 6pm, FREE

Audio graft 2014

Audiograft returns with towering walls of echoing sound, tolling Oxford bells, stunning live electronics and hypnotic mechanical LEGO. Delicate glass meets orbiting turntables and spinning vintage records create an illusion of a virtual vinyl LP spinning in acoustic space.

Over two weeks, new experimental music, sound art events and exhibitions will pop up in some of Oxford’s most interesting venues and spaces. Throughout the programme you can experience Europe’s oldest concert hall, an incredible semi-industrial warehouse, and freely traced electromagnetic fields perceived on an Electrical Walk in your urban environment.

Featured artists 2014: Christina Kubisch // Gordon Monohan // Zimoun // Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo // Rie Nakajima // Sonic Catering Band // Gordon Monohan // Marianthi Papalexandri // Patrick McGinley & Felicity Ford // Liminal (David Prior & Frances Crow) // JD Zazie // Sybella Perry // Jos Zwaanenburg // Jerome Noetinger & Lionel Marchetti // Ben Gwilliam // Alex Allmont // Dawn Scarfe + more

For more info visit


December 7th 2012

The NEW album - A Gourmet's Slumber

A Gourmet's Slumber

The Sonic Catering Band's 'A Gourmet's Slumber' compilation CD is finally available.

For now, the album is only available online at smallPRINT Records for the price of £10 including postage and packing within the UK.

Ten rare Sonic Catering tracks culled from split-singles, gallery oddities, contributions to compilations and so on from the years 1996 - 2011. All tracks have been remastered for that full spatial-culinary effect. Released in CD digipak format with a 16-page booklet crammed with track info, recipes, photos, artwork from earlier releases and some murmurings from Peter Strickland about our fifteen years together. Running time is just over 70 minutes. The label is Peripheral Conserve and the catalogue reference is pH-17.

Track listing:

1. White Light from an Oven Above
2. Frostbite
3. Interculinary Dimension
4. Kitchen Utensil Ploy
5. Refrigeration
6. Dietary Crash
7. Peristaltic
8. Greed
9. The Alimentary Canal by Night
10. The Lamb is the Light Thereof

For a review of the album check out The Wire magazine (Jan 2013)


October 15th 2012

Sonic Catering Band in Opava, Sunday 13th October 2012

Sonic Catering Band in Opava, Sunday 13th October 2012.

As part of John Cage's centenary celebrations, we were invited to perform some of his macrobiotic recipes in front of audiences in Brno, Ostrava, Opava, and Bratislava. Menu specials were Zucchini with Sesame Butter and Dill, followed by Miso Soup.


July 2012

We have a new release called, Food Science - a mini-album of fairly immersive culinary recordings featuring several recordists including Sonic Catering stalwarts, Colin Fletcher, Tim Kirby and Peter Strickland. We're also joined by Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Liles, Colin Potter and Pal Toth. Our Peripheral Conserve label is issuing the mini-album in a very small run of 250 CDs. Catalogue number: pH-16

The tracks are as follows:


This is our first 'proper' outing since the 'ImperialMetric' single back in 2007 and features an original sleeve painting by the British artist, Robin Sperling. Food Science can be bought through smallPRINT Records , ICR Distribution and Andrew Liles

Our Peripheral Conserve label has also just released The Bohman Brothers' second album, Back on the Streets. This is a very welcome return for Adam and Jonathan Bohman after their stellar album, A Twist for All Pockets on the Rossbin label and their brilliant toolbox mantra, Purely Practical single on our label, both way back in 2002. Back on the Streets continues in the spoken word direction of their aforementioned single. Eighteen dandruff-inducing tracks that sift through Oxfam paperbacks, unwanted discount leaflets, menus and wine lists. All the textual flotsam that the majority of us ignore or discard is scavenged on this album to delirious effect. The album is produced by Panos Ghikas from The Chap and the CD features an original portrait by Slovak painter, Milan Kováč, along with an introduction by the Slovak philosopher, Jozef Cseres.

A Sonic Catering compilation album is due any week now. The album will feature ten tracks along with a 16-page booklet crammed with photos and recollections.


July 20th 2009

This last year has been quiet for The Sonic Catering Band due to the fact that the three core members have been busy doing other things. Peter Strickland has received numerous awards for his feature film 'Katalin Varga' including 'Best sound design' at the Berlinale , whilst Colin Fletcher has been gigging and touring with BBC 3 favourite Tim Van Eyke aswell as the Psychedelic Folk outfit 'Telling the Bees', and Tim Kirby has released an album tREEshutdown on his label smallPRINT Records, and together with Caroline Pringle has started recording alongside Massive Attack's producer Neil Davidge.

Peter and Tim did appear together in the 2009 School of Sound festival discussing how the Sonic Catering 'sound' led to the styling of some of Peter's film Katalin Varga. Peter has since toured the world with the film and has another in the pipeline.

For a brief moment it looked like the band might perform together in Poland this year but fate decided otherwise. They do, however, hope to record in the studio this year, more info to follow.

We now also have some audio streams of previous material - just click on the links above.


February 16th 2008

Live Sonic Catering on smallPRINT Records

Sonic Caterer, Tim Kirby gives you the following for the New Year via his smallPRINT Record label:

The Sonic Catering Band
Live in Linz - Popkorn
Mini CD (SPRCD002)
Limited Edition : 50
Release date: 01 January 2008

Uniquely packaged 3" CD featuring a rare live recording from The Sonic Catering Band.

As part of the 'Bodypop' exhibition curated by Austrian artist Silvia Sun, this performance featured the core three members (Fletcher/Kirby/Strickland) joined by Dan Hayhurst (They came from the stars/Sculpture/Electric Sound of Joy)

Recipe: popcorn

The design features real popcorn kernels, popcorn packaging and a live photo courtesy of Silvia Sun. Thanks also go to Capital Catering Services for their contributions.

For more info or to order a copy visit the smallPRINT Records site.


November 8th 2007

The 'ImperialMetric' EP by The Sonic Catering Band and The Bohman Brothers is finally out on Absurd (Greece, catalogue 57) and Gold Soundz (Norway, catalogue 50). It exists as a 3 track CDR.

Tracks are:

1. ImperialMetric - The Bohman Brothers/The Sonic Catering Band
2. Refrigeration - The Sonic Catering Band
3. Cuisinaire - The Bohman Brothers

Participants: Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman, Colin Fletcher, Clive Graham, Tim Kirby, Simon Sicko and Peter Strickland

This was recorded in Great Britain in 2002 - 2004 under The Units of Measurent Regulations.

For label contact, go to:

After a period of ridiculous silence, we plan to surface next year with more supplies. The radio play is still in the works, as is a download EP on this site and a live CD of our Linz performance in 2004


January 15th 2007

Shift cancellation: Apologies to any of you who attended our non-appearance at the Hermes Ear exhibition last Wednesday. I travelled from Slovakia to Hungary only to be told that the gallery couldn't find a sound system but of course, as with all galleries, they put enough effort into providing the art-lovers with a plentiful supply of canapés to chomp on. The whole pantomime has now been rescheduled. If you can believe the curators, book your bus, train or jet for the 31st January. 17.00 start this time. Free entry and free canapés. Listeners are advised to check our myspace site as information will appear there more quickly.


January 8th 2007

Excuse the short notice: a very brief S. Catering shift is due to take place on Wednesday the 10th January 2007, six o’clock pm (+1 GMT) at the Magyar Muhely Galeria, Akacfa utca 20, 1027 Budapest, Hungary. This is part of the continuing Hermes Ear exhibition as mentioned in our last update. The devastating Pal Toth (under his ‘en’ persona) will also be working the crowd before or after The Sonic Catering Band. Please note that all performances will be very short. Latecomers can take solace in an exemplary exhibition of ear-related oddities sourced and commissioned by Jozef Cseres, including The Sonic Catering Band’s very own ear-piece, ‘ .. in no time whatsoever, Manfred and Geert's dinner guests adeptly steered the conversation towards the intricate subject of aural hygiene practice ..'

Another S. Catering site has been set-up under along with If you are interested in listening to our endeavours or wish to count how many hundreds of famous friends we have, please visit the aforementioned sites.

Assuming you can still believe us, ImperialMetric, the post-posthumous Bohman Brothers/Sonic Catering workout is rumoured to be surfacing in the next few months. More information as and if.

A Sonic Catering radio play is planned for 2007 and we hope to be broadcasting this both from London and Budapest later in the year. Tim Kirby’s smallPRINT Records are planning to release a CD of our S. Catering shift from Linz on September 29th 2004.

Lastly, we would like to wish our listeners, happy days for the year ahead.


May 19th 2006

The Sonic Catering Band contributed their first purely visual piece to the Hermes' Ear exhibition at the Nitrianska Galeria in Nitra, Slovakia. The piece was titled;

' .. in no time whatsoever, Manfred and Geert's dinner guests adeptly steered the conversation towards the intricate subject of aural hygiene practice ..'

The full list of exhibitors is too long to mention, however we were thrilled to be in the company of Milan Adamciak, Marc Behrens, Alvin Curran, en, Julo Fujak, Franz Hautzinger, Hermes, The Lazy Anarchists, Annea Lockwood, Gen Ken Montgomery, Michal Murin, Phill Niblock, Emma O'Bong, Paul Panhuysen, Ben Patterson, Michael Prime, Keith Rowe and SKY.

A photograph of the exhibit can be found here along with an invite to the exhibition's closure tonight which will be filled with performances and S. Catering member, Peter Strickland's award-winning short film, 'Berberian Sound Studio' featuring a devastating performance by The Bohman Brothers. A special thank you is extended towards Marek Szold, Rastislav Steranka and Simona Sterankova for helping with photographing the exhibit.

Still no sign of the delayed 'ImperialMetric' 10" EP by The Sonic Catering Band/Bohman Brothers.

For those of you too anxious to wait any longer for the aforementioned recording or new material, please visit this site: where you can find images of the Sonic Catering Tribute Band.

It almost escaped our attention that we are 10 this year. Old enough to butter our own bread now.


November 11th 2005

The Sonic Catering Band have a live shift scheduled for Thursday, December 1st at Point Ephemere, 200 Quai de Valmy - 75010 Paris, France. The nearest metro stop is Jaures ou Louis Blanc. Venue numbers and so on are as follows: Telephone : 01 40 34 02 48 Fax : 01 40 34 02 58 Email : :

This is part of a special Hungarian 'Mysteries of the East' event also featuring live performances from fellow Magyar Caterers, Pal Toth (en) and Zsolts Kovacs and Sores (Budapastis joined by Franq de Quengo and Lore Barges of the French and fantastic Dragibus). Our doors will open for you at 20.30 if you hand over 8 euros.

More information regarding this event and other 'Mysteries of the East' nights at and


The Sonic Catering Band's 'Kitchen Utensil Ploy' can be heard alongside Tim Kirby's 'Coffee Haus', and other international audio artists, as part of an exhibition of phonographic recordings taking place in Jedburgh, UK.

The Sound Cafe starts on November 26th at The Jedburgh Arts Centre, more information can be found here


Sonic Catering member Tim Kirby has started a new independent label, based in Bristol; smallPRINT Records.

For more information visit


June 22nd 2005

Again, due to circumstances beyond our control, the June 25th Sonic Catering/Bohman Brothers performance in Budapest has been cancelled. This is the third Hungarian cancellation in a year, so obviously there must be some Magyar jinx at play. If any of our readership have already booked flights, we'd recommend visiting every museum in Budapest, as June 25th is Museum Night with many museums staying open until 2am, free of charge. More information can be found at And if that gets cancelled, we'd recommend strolling by the Danube with your loved one and whistling about the euro.


June 16th 2005

The Sonic Catering Band + The Bohman Brothers: 25/06 2005
Another S. Catering shift is scheduled for Saturday, June 25th in Budapest, Hungary. The venue is called Artus Studio and the address is: Budapest 1116, Sztregova utca 7. The Bohman Brothers will also be demonstrating their latest line in amplified shoe brushes before or after The Sonic Catering Band.

This will be the first Sonic Catering shift featuring predominantly Hungarian personnel. In other words, vegetarians can sling their hook. The full line-up will be Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman, Zsolt Kovacs, Zsolt Sores, Peter Strickland and Pal Toth. 20.00 start. Entry is free


May 22nd 2005

A Sonic Catering shift is due to take place on Sunday May 29th at 21.00 at Legvedelmi Galeria, Vigado/ Targu Secuiesc, Transylvania, Romania. More information can be found here

After yet more mishaps, the 'Continental Drift' compilation CD is finally of this world.


December 1st 2004

The last bulletin for the year. We have some additions and amendments to our Distribution and Contact page, for any of you wishing to purchase S. Catering supplies for your nearest and dearest this Christmas. Also, as is customary every year, in the history page we have our 2004 annual report for you to peruse over.

After suffering endless delays at the hands of incorrigible pen-pushers, the 'Continental Drift' Eastern European compilation CD is now ready and in its rightful hands. After several months of kicking bureaucratic butt, the CD's co-creators, Zsolt Kovács and Peter Strickland have finally got what they paid for back in July and promise to have the CD ready to buy from next February. No kidding this time. Lagging close behind, The Bohman Brothers/Sonic Catering split is now at the manufacturers. Pending is the word.

As for the year ahead, we plan to spend less time eating and more time recording.
Work will soon commence on a follow-up album to 'Seven Transdanubian Recipes' sometime in the New Year.


September 10th 2004

Details of our Vienna shift are as follows:
Thursday September 30th 2004 at 19.30
Sonic Catering Shift at 'Hearings'
Institut fur Transakustiche Forschung
Theresianumgasse 35
Entrance: 5 euros

Our failure to break Hungary continues with yet another shift cancellation. If nothing appears on this site by September 28th then you can sadly assume that our Austro-Hungarian tour stops short of the Hungarian border.

Sonic Catering representatives on this occasion will be Colin Fletcher, Dan Hayhurst, Tim Kirby and Peter Strickland.


14th August 2004

The Sonic Catering Band will be embarking on a mini Austro-Hungarian tour this fall, starting in Linz and ending in Budapest. The only confirmed date so far is Linz on Wednesday September 29th at Kunstraum Goethestrasse (Goethestrasse 22, 4020 Linz Austria). Entrance is free and the shift begins at 20.00. More details can be found at

The 'Continental Drift' compilation CD has finally made its way to the manufacturers. With any luck, it should surface into the world around October. A longer wait ensues for the 'ImperialMetric' EP, but hopefully not too much longer.

Die Stadt ( in Germany are stocking 'Seven Transdanubian Recipes' as part of their mail order branch.

Sadly, our appearance at The Gastro-Blues festival in Hungary was never to be. More news will appear soon, regarding the remaining dates on our tour


May 12th 2004

The Sonic Catering Band return to the stage after a long absence. On Saturday 22nd May, we'll be performing a live shift at Hamburg's Kampnagel as part of their Food Festival. For the line-up we have Colin Fletcher, Dan Hayhurst, Tim Kirby, Zsolt Kovacs, Colin Potter and Peter Strickland.
Full details here:

22nd of May, 22.00 at Kampnagel, [kmh]
Jarrestr. 20, 22303 Hamburg, Germany
Tel. 0049 40 2709 49 49
Fax.: 0049 40 2909 49 62
prize: Euro 17.-/12.- , booking in advance: 14.-/11.

On the 24th May around 23.00, The Sonic Catering Band will perform a short, low-key set with just Dan Hayhurst and Peter Strickland at Berlin's 8mm Bar.
Entrance is free and the address is, Schönhauser Allee 177b, 10119 Berlin (tel: +493040500624). Dan Hayhurst will also be performing solo under his Sculpture moniker.

Two more live shifts look set to follow in the coming months in Linz, Austria and in Pacs, Hungary as part of the annual Gastro-Blues Festival. As soon as we know more, you'll know. Attentive readers of this website would be correct in pointing out that we vowed never to play live again, back in 2001. Not wishing to find ourselves caught in a 'cry wolf' dilemma, we should concede that we were a little hasty in calling it a day on the live front. Dietary differences have been resolved and we are now ready and waiting for Hamburg.

As for the release of both the 'Continental Drift' compilation CD and the 'ImperialMetric' Bohman Brothers/Sonic Catering EP, we encountered some crippling last minute delays. Again, when we know something, you'll know.


December 11th 2003

To read our 2003 annual report, please click on the history link to your left.

The 'ImperialMetric' EP by The Bohman Brothers/Sonic Catering Band won't surface now until sometime in the New Year as a 3" CDR. The title track features The Bohman Brothers invoking Blitz era dishes over sculpted glassware sonorities and freak-out fry-ups c/o The Sonic Catering Band. It should also be noted that 'Imperialmetric' was meticulously recorded under the British 1985 Weights and Measures Act. The Sonic Catering Band have their own track too, 'Refrigeration' - a 3 minute surge of electronic overload which features the return of original member Colin Fletcher on fuzzbox refrigerator, after having taken extended leave in order to make essential repairs to his boat. The Bohman Brothers have their own track too, yet this will remain a surprise. The fantastic Greek label, Absurd will take care of proceedings on this one.

The release of 'Continental Drift' has been delayed too until the New Year, though we can describe the whole thing now. The full title is 'Continental Drift (Eastern & Middle European Movements in 2003)' and the catalogue reference is pH-14. The compilation album will be available only in the CD format in an edition of 400.

The album contains music from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Austria, along with some English and French contributions with distinctly Eastern European connections. Despite the presence of the Transylvanian choir, Vox Turturis and Hungarian folk singer and actress, Kata Peto, the album is mainly dominated by the kind of sonics readers of this website might be familiar with. Intermittent field recordings by Peter Strickland of Turkish Baths, copulating frogs and choir practices lend the album a distinctly personal slant as opposed to a curatorial one. The album is an unapologetic compilation of tracks by personal friends, as made clear in the sleeve notes. Enough information is provided in the CD booklet for further investigation into current and past activities in the region of Hungary and its neighbouring countries, Romania, Slovakia and Austria. This project has been slowly taking shape over the past year in parallel with the making of The Sonic Catering Band's 'Seven Transdanubian Recipes' and naturally features most of the Hungarian and Slovakian contributors to that album. Plenty of photos adorn the booklet and the album features a few 'hidden' guest appearances by members of The Sonic Catering Band's rivals, The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, Gen Ken Montgomery and original Fluxus artist, Ben Patterson. The Bohman Brothers in true decadent style, made it over from London to Budapest to perform a thirty second masterpiece for the compilation. French band, Dragibus (who also populate the Magyar/Gallic ensemble, Budapastis), close the album and the Peripheral Conserve label for that matter, with the beautiful music box lullaby, 'Kanaria song.'

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Vox Turturis - Osculetur me
2. Lengow & Heyermears - "Knee-puff" Mix
3. Iftaf (Institut für Transakustische Forschung) - Coffee
4. The Rudas Baths (Budapest, Hungary April 2002)
5. Zsolt Sorés - Ossification (Tilos Radio edit)
6. József R. Juhász - Welding-song 2003
7. Zsolt Kovács - Where are all the Dead Snails Going to? (Halott Csiga Blues Part 5)
8. György Galántai - Metal Music (excerpt)
9. Keleti Station (Budapest, Hungary April 2002)
10. S.K.? - Angersonixmix (6 minutes and 66 seconds from Angersonix)
11. The Bohman Brothers - Bohmans' Fifth Hungarian Rhapsody
12. Rana ridibunda (Eger, Hungary March 2002)
13. Abstract Monarchy Trio - Himmel über Budapest (live …)
14. Alergische Platze - excerpt from 3000 seconds
15. Kopott - Levelek N.-Hez
16. The Lazy Anarchists - Relaxation with The Lazy Anarchists
17. R.R. Habarc - Felho
18. Choir practice (Gyor, Hungary September 2002)
19. én - op. 30524 (foníx. 1)
20. Kata Peto - Elment az én rózsám
21. Dragibus - Kanaria song

Please note that English html text can't support some Hungarian characters.

Disclaimer: any Habsburg nostalgia or nationalist tendencies are purely coincidental.

Regrettably for reasons of copyright, space and other complications of a technical and tribal nature, there are several tracks that didn't find their way on 'Continental Drift', including some very classy Hungarian bar-room piano blues and Albanian mountain crooning. We'd like to think that these tracks appear on this album in spirit. If you listen hard enough ..

This is indeed the end of the road for Peripheral Conserve. The label is no more. Thank you for listening. The Sonic Catering Band on the other hand, will live to reproduce another day. For now, we are taking some time off to hang by the pool.


November 7th 2003

The new album by The Sonic Catering Band, 'Seven Transdanubian Recipes' is out now. To find out more about how to get this or any other release on our Peripheral Conserve label, please click on the distribution & contact link to your left.

Following hot on the heels of the album, we have a Sonic Catering/Bohman Brothers mix-around EP, entitled 'ImperialMetric' and a compilation CD of music from Eastern Europe, entitled 'Continental Drift', featuring Transylvanian choirs, Viennese percolators, Slovakian mix n' match, Hungarian folk and more. More news about these two in December.


September 14th 2003

'Seven Transdanubian Recipes' - the new album by The Sonic Catering Band will be released this November. The album contains seven tracks clocking in at 64 minutes. The tracklisting is:

1) Covert Feeding
2) Table Manners
3) Lactic Sugar Dream
4) Greed
5) The Alimentary Canal by Night
6) The Lamb is the Light Thereof
7) The Oven is the Night Thereof

The current line-up consists of: Ádám Csenger, R.R. Habarc, Dan Hayhurst, Tim Kirby, Zsolt Kovács, Colin Potter, Zsolt Sorés, Peter Strickland and Pál Tóth with guest appearances from Réka Acél, Kata Peto, Gábor Szakács, Philothei Tzouvelis, Jozef Cseres and Juhász R. József. Recording mostly took place in Hungary over the last year, bar the occasional English and Slovakian sojourn. What three things can we say about the album without sounding like a press release? 1) There are no beats. 2) There is no such thing as a Transdanubian recipe. 3) Tabloid readers take note; in accordance with EU policy, we have opened our pantry doors to an influx of immigrants from two former 'Soviet' bloc countries that make up a fifth of the ten EU accession states, ripe for membership in May 2004. Owing to the scandalous dietary requirements of the Hungarian/Slovakian contingent, The Sonic Catering Band can no longer deem itself a vegetarian entity. Slaughter is the order.

The album will only be available in the CD format in an edition of 500, featuring (for the first time) photographs of the current line-up. This will be the thirteenth and penultimate Peripheral Conserve release (catalogue ref: pH-13).

For those of you who missed out on the first pressing of The Bohman Brothers' already legendary debut single, 'Purely Practical', please note the single will be re-pressed in an edition of 300. Copies will mostly be available from the Bohmans themselves every Monday night above The Bonnington Café at Bonnington Square, Vauxhall, London. See The Wire magazine for listing details.

Anomalous Records are no longer distributing. Both their mail order and wholesale operations have closed, leaving only the label itself in function. Please continue to visit for forthcoming releases by AMM and others.

We are unable as yet to offer our listeners an alternative point of purchase for our supplies. Within the month, we'll post up a new distribution contact.

News will surface soon on the fourteenth and final Peripheral Conserve release, which should explode upon our lives around Christmas.


May 24th 2003

The Sonic Catering Band's 'Live from the Canteens of Atlantis' will be available from June as a double CD on the Greek label, Absurd. Spanning our very brief live career from 1998 - 2001, the two CDs convey all that was exciting, frustrating, ridiculous and ultimately nourishing about an S. Catering performance. CD1 begins at the beginning: London's 333 nightclub, 27th September 1998 and ends at the end: Geneva's Moloko restaurant, 9th November 2001. In between lies a lean collage mix of culinary overdrive, assembled from every gig. CD2 covers the entirety of our Forde Gallery night in Geneva, 8th November 2001. No overdubs, no flavourings or preservatives. This is our definitive live document, minus the food of course. The CDs come in a gatefold package with a reminisce by the band and a list of our live dates/venues. Our host for this release is the inimitable Nicolas Malevitsis whose Absurd newsletter has fostered releases by Marc Behrens, Michael Northam, Dan Warburton and Mark Wastell amongst others. 'Live from the Canteens of Atlantis' is the 30th release on Absurd and is available in a pressing of 466 copies.

Our recent 'White Light from an Oven Above' contribution to the Overdub CD seems to have a mystery track tagged on to the end after a minute or two of silence. Our guess as to who(?), why(?), how(?) is as good as yours.

Meanwhile back in Budapest (and Preston); work is still underway on the second Sonic Catering album. All is still set for November and we should have details, tracklisting, etc. posted here by late summer. All we can say for now is that this will most likely be a double vinyl album with substantially more copies pressed than our 10-edition debut, '1093 Budapest IX., Lónyay u. 7., Magyarország (22.09.2002 19.45-20.52)'

We've recently been encountering some problems with our address. We hope to rectify this as soon as possible and rest assured, unless you are a spammer, we have not been intentionally ignoring you.

We have a temporary address, and please make sure to put SONIC CATERING in the Subject heading, otherwise your mail goes straight in the bin.


March 10th 2003

To coincide with the advent of spring, Peripheral Conserve brings you 'Entomological Acoustics (European Gryllotalpidae)' by D. R. Ragge and W. J. Reynolds. This particular project has been in the pipeline for well over a year and couldn't have been realised without the help and cooperation of England's National Sound Archive and Natural History Museum. Functioning either as a scientific field guide or sonic indulgence, 'Entomological Acoustics' unveils the hidden subterranean world of European Mole Crickets. The intense churring drones of Gryllotalpa species are in a thoroughly other league to the more familiar chirping sounds of their relatives. Dating from 1968 and 1991, the recordings presented here are in their original form and come complete with illustrations by renowned insect illustrator, Denys Ovenden and extensive field notes. The single comes in heavy 7" vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. 300 copies are available, as always through Anomalous Records in the USA later this month. The catalogue number is pH-12.

For pH-13, we have three or four possibilities lined-up; the most likely candidate being infamous Hungarian pianist/troubadour/raconteur, András Fáy. As with 'Entomological Acoustics' this one has been on the wish-list for a year, though potential circumstances beyond our control mean that we can't promise anything. If this record fails to materialise we'll mention which bars you can find him in Budapest. As mentioned before, the next and final release on Peripheral Conserve will be the Sonic Catering album which will most likely surface this November. The live double album on Absurd has been put back until the summer.


February 7th 2003

A little more information on the Overdub compilation CD that contains our track, 'White Light from an Oven Above.' The CD itself that comes free with issue 13 of Overdub is called 'Atmo C' and is available in an edition of 2000 copies, though there are only 1500 copies of the fanzine. Please note, all interviews are in Greek too. For English versions of our interviews for both Overdub and a forthcoming issue of the North Italian magazine, Miele please click here. Another Sonic Catering interview, this time transcribed in our native tongue will feature in the March 2003 edition of Record Collector.

The Sonic Catering 'Clear Spot' show will be broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM (London) on March 3rd from 19.00 to 20.30. The 'Clear Spot' programme gives free rein to a guest artist or band to do whatever they want in a 90-minute slot. Our pre-recorded show will consist of three half hour segments, each done consecutively by Peter Strickland, Tim Kirby and Colin Fletcher. Peter's half hour includes various culinary field recordings from Eastern and Southern Europe, interspersed with machinery sounds from Reading University's Food Science labs. Tim's half hour includes specially recorded music along with a plethora of people describing their dietary habits. Colin's half hour dredges up his pre-Sonic Catering tape experiments from the early 1990's. A few excerpts from some future Sonic Catering (non-album) releases will be previewed throughout the 90 minutes along with plenty of other peoples' music from our record collections. If like us, you don't happen to be based in London, you can always listen to the show via and we'd also strongly recommend that you check times and dates beforehand on their website as programmes are subject to change.


January 1st 2003

2003 will most likely be the last year in which we run the Peripheral Conserve label. We're out of money, folks. Staying true to the pH scale, we'll go on until the 14th release, which will be our Sonic Catering album. Until then, we have pH-11, a single by Clare Connors due later this month. Pressed on 10" vinyl, 'rehearsal tapes 1999/2000' is just that and more. Around late 1998, we contacted Clare Connors just as she was leaving The Balanescu Quartet, having had her down on our 'Artificial Additives' remix wish list. In July the next year we turned up at Clare's house armed with the tools of our trade. No actual Sonic Catering as such took place; the idea being to mould Clare's sound within our own before anything extra-curricular took place. After sitting on the tapes for several years and listening back to them, we realised they were perfect in their own right despite the B-grade quality of the recordings. 'July 1st 1999, London N7' is an edit from our very first rehearsal together and 'April 27th 2000, London N4' is an edit from our very last rehearsal together.

Some bootleg Sonic Catering mixes have been doing the rounds of late in the form of the 12" white label format. The six tracks are all different versions of Bodypop, which was initially released two years ago as a split 7" with Saloon. The track listing is; The Sonic Catering Band - Bodypop, Shintaro Taketani - Bodypop (Dolphin Friendly Mix), Sculpture - Bodypop (Reduced Calorie Mix), Order of Zarg - Bodypop (Homebrew Mix), The Boy Lucas - Bodypop (Amino Acid Mix), The Sonic Catering Band - Bodypop (Live at The 291 Gallery, 26 06 2001). The Sonic Catering Band have made another unofficial appearance, this time at Huddersfield Art Gallery's 'Groove' exhibition, though the exhibition is due to finish January 4th 2003. One of our First Supper records is on display along with vinyl-related art by John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Cornelia Parker, Philip Jeck, Matt Wand, Project Dark and others.

The first seedlings from our as yet untitled debut album are due to sprout in the form of a track we've contributed to the 13th issue of a Greek fanzine/CD called Overdub. The track in question is called 'White Light from an Oven Above' - not so much an edit, more a diet mix of a much, much longer track that will appear on the album. Every issue of Overdub is published with a free compilation CD featuring the work of whoever is interviewed. The tracklisting for the current CD is:

1. Electrelane - I Want To Be The President (Bang Bang remix by Coti)
2. 4 treck - Stick Vs. Tric
3. Carlo Fashion - Octet For Microwave
4. Telstar Ponies - Amazing Grace (live)
5. Richard Youngs - Oceanic Days
6. David Grubbs - Show Me Who To Love (live)
7. Patrick Phelan - Give
8. Rafael Toral - E.B. ring (live)
9. Spy F & The Zakulas - Fightin' (instrumental)
10. Chessie - Daylight (live)
11. Wilt - Of Z Bygone Time
12. Drekka feat. Anaphylaxis - The First Hundred Seconds
13. The Sonic Catering Band - White Light From An Oven Above

All tracks appear exclusively on Overdub compilations. Overdub costs 4.5 Euros. For availability, contact

Hopefully 2003 won't be as quiet as last year. The live double album should be ready to rock any month now and we're currently working on a Sonic Catering/Bohman Brothers mix-around. This will appear as a single with one long joint track and two shorter tracks by each party. A 90 minute 'Clearspot' slot on London's Resonance 104.4FM is also promised in February. If that isn't enough for now, we've also updated our recipe section to include all the dishes from our records along with a variety of other culinary and sonic treats.


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